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our solutions are used for customer development, increasing market share and boosting sales and loyalty

Rough estimate & consulting
We can provide you with a rough estimation of timing and budget, based on our experience. Also, we can write down the first version of the specification, suggest the scope for MVP (minimum viable product) and complete your product vision with Product Model Canvas technic.
Interactive Wireframes
We visualize your product in the form of clickable prototype. It allows to specify the specification, try out our collaboration and demo it to colleagues, customers and investors. In the end, you’ll get a detailed product specification that can be precisely estimated.
Lean Development
We follow Scrum framework, have some meetings for sprint start, demo, retrospective and so on. On average it takes about 2-4 Sprint to launch an MVP to AppStore or Google Play.
Debugging & Support
We provide product updates on same sprint basis, sometimes for all next years. If you have an app, built by other mobile app development company, we can also take it on our support and further development.
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Felix Staeritz, eight ventures

A reliable partner, who developed on time. Working with seductive mobile was very satisfactory with their professional advice, excellent management and reporting.

Elena Kondratenko, Branson Digital

...a ton of new products in mind and willingness to generate ideas about non-standard technical solutions for our projects. Understanding of business tasks of the client and discipline.

Patrick Kloss, Synatech Gmbh

From the beginning on, Seductive has proven to be a very reliable and efficient partner to us. The end-product totally satisfied us because of it's beautiful design and usability, finished in very short timeframe.

Egor Lanko, Legendary

Seductive Team are cool guys. When we will need the development IT projects once more - we won't think for a long time. I can safely recommend Seductive as executants or partners.

Serge Roberts,  TMA Draft

Seductive team have shown high expertise, efficiency and flexibility while working on our projects. I want to thank and recommend them as a reliable partner in mobile and interactive development.

Yevgeny Lysenko, VIRUS Music

Seductive is a professional and reliable partner. A distinctive feature of the company's the efficiency and high level of employee's organization, willingness to respond quickly and think out of the box.

About us

Once we’ve started this company as a product startup.
That time we knew little about what laid ahead startup owners.
During last 6 years, we’ve worked on own products and lots of customer startups. Now we use our experience for supporting tech startups success.

  • 6 years of excellent work
  • Truly lean–sprint based development
  • 15+ App developers for hire
  • High Code Quality and Testing
  • 200+ outsource projects accomplished
  • Excellent UXUI design
  • One of the best mobile
    app development company in Europe
  • Prebuilt Analytics
    for performance and quality
  • We hire mobile app developers
    from top 3%
  • Meeting the deadlines
canvas model

Canvas for Building Clear Product Plan

Capturing all aspects of your product idea is hard; communicating it to others can be even more challenging. Product Model Canvas is a structure for logical analysis and idea presentation an easy and concise way.

Max Semenchuk | Product Management

promotion cover

Quick Guide to Select your App Promotion Strategy

This guide was intented for starters, but even experienced product managers may find useful tips. It’s an overview of sources and math behind app promotion, mainly for public apps. While serious app marketing is very complicated, let’s start discuss the basic strategies and easy first steps.

Alena Mikheenko | Marketing & Growth

traction cover

Tips on Bringing Real Traction to your Product

The Traction map is a tool that helps startup teams focus, avoid wasting time and energy, and shows an investor when the company is ready for the next round. This map represents the path from an idea to seed round or round A, or a revenue of about $1M. But it is also helpful on later stages, when launching new products, finding new marketing channels or entering new markets.

Eugene Kalinin | Marketing & Growth

user growth cover

Setting up Mobile App Tracking for User Growth Analytics

Now you may be looking to start some marketing and or other user acquisition promotional campaigns. Before embarking in any marketing, either paid or unpaid, it’s important that you choose the optimal analytics solution from the start to avoid installing 250 different SDKs as your marketing efforts evolve.

Heber Gonzalez | Marketing & Growth

retargeting cover

App Retargeting vs User Acquisition: How to Find the Perfect Balance?

The dynamic environment of the mobile marketing industry has seen some huge developments over the last few years. New technologies, changing user behaviors, vicious app chart battles and alternative marketing approaches have opened up a whole new set of opportunities for brands to interact with their audiences more personally than ever before.

Kirill Sofronov | Marketing & Growth